How to Increase Energy and Motivation

If your energy levels and motivation levels have been pretty low recently and you really want to find a way you can combat your low energy and start to feel like you can take on the day again, then you are in luck.

For this article, we will be discussing how you can increase energy and motivation by making a few tweaks here and there in your everyday life, whether it is for work or just in general, it is important that you find out the reasons why so you can make the right changes.

Reasons Why You May be Lacking Natural Energy

When we feel tired and lethargic, it can be hard for us to find any motivation to go out and just take on the day.

It may hit you out of nowhere, and you start to notice that you have been feeling tired a lot more lately and you are unsure of why you can’t seem to bring yourself back.

There will be a reason behind your lack of energy that leads to low motivation levels.

Below are potential reasons why you are finding it hard to get up and go.

You Are Experiencing Poor Sleep

It could be a pretty simple explanation as to why you are feeling exhausted, and that is the lack of quality sleep.

How much sleep are you getting?

Achieving better sleep is essential for overall well-being, and if you find yourself not meeting the necessary requirements for your age group, it could lead to exhaustion and disrupted sleep patterns. In such situations, exploring sleep supplements becomes crucial to promote a restful night’s sleep. Some individuals turn to cannabis for better sleep, considering its potential relaxation effects. Incorporating cannabis products like the ones available at Pro Cannabis (visit to learn more about such products) into your routine might be a viable option to enhance sleep quality. However, it is important to consult your doctor before incorporating any sleep supplements into your routine. It is also important to experiment to find the right dosage that works for you.

Aside from supplements, creating an ideal bedroom environment can also promote quality sleep. Ensuring better sleep involves several factors, one of which is choosing the right mattress. Investing in the best memory foam mattress can significantly enhance your sleeping experience by providing the necessary support and comfort tailored to your body’s needs. If you are unsure about the best brand and model of memory foam mattress for you, you can explore Reddit threads and forum discussions about memory foam mattresses to help you make your decision. These conversations can be invaluable in guiding you towards a mattress that aligns with your preferences and sleep habits. You also need to consider factors like light, noise, and temperature. Installing window blinds or shades is an effective solution to control light exposure and achieve darkness during sleep hours.

To ensure this is done efficiently, seeking the services of a skilled professional who can be found by looking up ” handyman near me in Pigsah Forest (or wherever you are located)”, can guarantee proper installation and functionality. These window treatments not only block unwanted light but also contribute to privacy, creating a conducive atmosphere for rest. In addition to managing light, minimizing noise is crucial for a tranquil sleep space. Turning off noisy devices, such as televisions or electronic gadgets, eliminates potential disruptions. Furthermore, addressing any issues with HVAC appliances ensures they operate quietly and efficiently. Regular maintenance, including cleaning or replacing air filters, can contribute to a quieter and more comfortable sleeping environment. Optimal temperature control is another key element in fostering restful sleep. Adjusting the thermostat to maintain a cool and comfortable room temperature promotes better sleep quality. In colder months, cozy blankets and suitable bedding can contribute to warmth without compromising ventilation.

Your Health Will be Affected

After a while, lack of sleep or sleep deprivation can be incredibly detrimental to your health, not only will it lead to weight gain and high blood pressure, but it has the potential to compromise your immune system.

If you suspect that you could have a condition such as sleep apnea, then you will need to make an appointment with your doctor to go over what you will need to do next to make sure that you are getting enough sleep and being properly managed.

Take a look at your sleep patterns and see if you can make any tweaks to your sleep schedule to help you with your low energy and well-being.

You Drink Too Much Caffeine

Caffeine may be a great quick pick me up on those mornings when you need more energy when you are about to start your day, but too much of it will not be good for your energy levels as the day goes on.

As time goes on, your body will start to develop a tolerance to your caffeine intake which means that you will drink more to give you that energy booster you need.

Go For More Natural-Based Energy Boosters

Limit your caffeine intake and focus on having a cup or two during the morning, but cut yourself off when it gets to the afternoon as in the early stages it will keep you wired and affect your sleep as well.

Try not to have an energy drink to get your caffeine in, it is best that you stick to coffee or tea, just don’t go overboard, look at natural energy boosters to get you through the day rather than manufactured ones.

You Are Feeling Anxious or Depressed

Our mental health can have a significant effect on our energy levels.

You may feel exhausted no matter how much sleep you get or essential nutrients you put in your body to keep going.

Seek Help From a Medical Professional

If you are feeling fatigued and you are struggling to face the day or even get out of bed, then it may be time to seek the advice of a therapist who can help you combat your mental health issues are see how you can boost your energy levels again.

If you ignore these signs you could be heading down a bad road to burnout which will put you out of action for a lot longer than you would want to.

You Are Not Focusing on Healthy Eating

If you fill your body with sugary foods and foods high in fat, your body is not going to be feeling great, in fact, it will drag you down and cause fatigue in your body.

It is important to have a varied diet that consists of fruit and vegetables so you get the right macronutrients and micronutrients that will help your body get more energy and keep your blood sugar at a good level throughout the day.

Combine this with an exercise routine that will help boost your energy and blood flow.

Ways That You Can Boost Your Energy Levels

Once you have identified the reasons behind your low energy levels, it is now time to look at ways that you can stop this from happening, or at least better the situation that you are in now so you are not always wishing to crawl back into bed in the middle of the day.

Increase Your Magnesium

A balanced diet, as mentioned before, is crucial to a healthy body.

However, if you are still feeling tired then you may be experiencing a magnesium deficiency.

This is an essential mineral for the body that will help you produce energy, so if you cannot get that motivation to move, then you taking a supplement could help you reach your energy goals for the day.

You Can Add Magnesium to Your Diet by –

  • Eating more whole grains
  • Eating more fish
  • Eating almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, or almonds as snacks or with meals

Doing these things can be very beneficial, otherwise, you can see if a supplement might be better, especially if you are unable to get your magnesium through food.

Do Some Gentle Exercises

If you are feeling very lethargic, then the last thing that you want to do is a full exercise routine, just thinking about it would put you off even attempting it.

Instead, think about doing some gentle exercises that will help you feel better and hopefully wake you up slightly so you have that motivation to get up and go about your day.

Go for a walk around the block or cycle around for a little bit as well as do some light stretching.

Do this in the morning when you want to wake yourself up for the day, or go for a little walk at lunchtime when you feel your energy levels drop, this will help you get on with the rest of your day.

Eat an Energy Snack

Snacks are a great thing to help you get through the day, especially if you have been so focused on work or being busy that you aren’t able to eat a full meal.

Whilst you should always take time to eat food, a snack can help you bridge the gap between your next meal and stop you from eating too much when it comes to your lunch or dinner.

Make sure that the snack you have is a healthy one and it contains fiber and protein so it keeps you fuller for longer and won’t have you reaching for something sugary to satiate those cravings.

Reduce Your Stress Levels

One thing that can make people feel low energy is stress and anger.

You get this build-up of cortisol and adrenaline, so when it goes down your body falls with it which can make you feel extremely tired.

Even if you go to sleep, you may still feel exhausted as you are mentally fighting through your stress and anger too.

Practicing relaxation techniques to help calm down your stress and your anger reactions when you come face-to-face with a situation will help you avoid that exhausted feeling and make it easier for you to sleep as well.

In addition, you can also incorporate a stress relieving agent like CBD (those interested can explore some products here) into your lifestyle. Since CBD is known to offer benefits like reduced anxiety, better sleep, and improved focus, it can be an effective tool for managing stress. CBD is also known to be non-psychoactive, so it won’t cause any of the cognitive side effects associated with other stress-relieving drugs.


Knowing how to increase energy and motivation is not exactly hard, but, putting it into practice can be hard, especially if you are so used to being one way, e.g. having a bad sleep schedule or eating unhealthily.

Whilst these habits may be ingrained within you, you are able to make a change if you put the effort in and focus on the reason why you are doing this in the first place.

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