Our mission is to help people to be informed about their health and lead them into living a happier and healthier life from now into the future. There is a balance that is difficult to get and that is taking care of both your physical and mental health at the same level. Normally these things come hand-in-hand, where if you do more exercise the better your mental health usually is, which is a win-win for both mental and physical health. 

We also feel that women and men are both overlooked when it comes to different kinds of health problems which could stop them from attempting to seek help. These are things for women like extreme period pain from illness like endometriosis and for men the stigma around gaining mental health support and being tough. We as health advocates want to get rid of these stereotypes and allow everyone to gain the access to help that they truly deserve without embarrassment or fear, and we hope this blog is another step forward to achieving that. 

We are Fleur Cooper and Phoebe Tanaka and we are friends and health advocates who are both trained within different fields of the medical profession. We are passionate about bringing care to people who need it and making people aware of the resources that they can access. 

We work day and night to try and help people get medical and mental health support whenever they are in need and we really think that using this blog will help so many people to either support what we are trying to or reach those who we are trying to support with the relevant services that they need. In return, we promise to give you accurate facts to help in the meantime. 

When we are not busy doing all of these we tend to live pretty normal lives. Fleur lives with her boyfriend and two dogs and tends to go out for Chinese food, drinks, and to the odd karaoke bar in the evenings, and Phoebe lives with a couple of friends in an apartment having endless slumber parties and going out jogging every morning to get her daily dose of fitness. We are also best friends so tend to see each other quite a lot whether it is on Phoebes daily runs or Fleur’s weekly trips to get Chinese food, we are both there for a laugh and some fun because we need to look after our wellness as well as our health!

Enjoy every day as it comes and remember that tomorrow is always a new start!